How To use KooPower Remote LED Fairy Lights (Manual in EN | DE | FR)

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USER MANUAL Battery Operated LED Lights


  • These battery-operated lights can be used indoors or outdoors and don’t require trailing cables or an external power supply.
  • Remote control provides easy operation.
  • Dust and waterproof to IP65 (NEMA 6) level allow these lights to be used in environments where rain, dust, water, snow or frost is a possibility. Set-and-forget operation provides 6 hr. on and 18 hr. off timing programs.
  • 8 modes and brightness settings provide the perfect solution for your decorative needs.
  • 3 AA batteries power the lights for up to one week. Mounted in a clear cable, these LED lights provide an elegant tone and subtle warmth to your decorations.
  • Ideal for Easter, Christmas and other special events or to just give your home a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Package includes:

  • Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights x1
  • Remote Controller x1
  • User Manual x1

How to use

  1. Insert 3 “AA” batteries (not included) into the battery box following the polarity directions.
  2. Select timing function:
    Start timing by switching to “TIMER ON" and to cancel timing, switch to “TIMER OFF”. In a 24 hr. time period, the lights are pre-programmed to go on for 6 hrs. and off for 18 hrs.

For example:
To turn the timer on starting at 1:00 pm, switch to “TIMER ON” at 1:00 pm to begin the timer. The fairy lights will go off at 7:00 pm automatically; and turn on at 1:00 pm automatically the following day, then off at 7:00 pm for every 24 hour period until the timer function is canceled or until the batteries die.


  • To turn off lights, press and hold the MODE/POWER button for 3 seconds. This also turns off the TIMER function.
  • To turn off the TIMER function at any time during use, open the battery box and turn the switch to “TIMER OFF”.
  1. Once the batteries are inserted and the box covered, you can use the MODE/POWER to operate the lights.

The button has two functions as follows:

Power Function:
OFF is the default factory mode. Turn on the lights by pressing the MODE/POWER button and to turn OFF again, press and hold the MODE/POWER for 3 seconds.

Mode Function:
See picture below for the 8 modes which can be changed by pressing the Mode/Power button.

  • On – Combination
  • On – Steady On
  • On – Slow Fade
  • On – In Waves
  • On – Slo Glo
  • On – Chasing/Flash
  • On – Sequential
  • On – Twinkle/Flash
  1. You also could change the mode using the remote control.
  • When using for the first time, remove the protective transparent film covering the remote (as picture 7-B) to activate the battery.
  • Press ON or OFF button to activate or deactivate the lights.
  • Press a numbered button to choose the mode (see the battery box)
  • Change any of the modes (1-8) at any time by pressing a different mode number. This, however, will not impact the timing program.
  • Increase or decrease the light brightness by pressing DIM- or DIM+ on the remote.


  • When the ON button is pressed on the remote, the lights will start in mode #1.
  • By pressing OFF and then ON again, the lights will go to current mode.
  • A single remote can control multiple lamp string, but the remote is initially set up to turn on just one string. Keep the path to the receiver clear and set up the battery box horizontally or vertically. Please point to the receiver when using the remote so that the battery box can receive a clear signal.

The remote has its own battery (pre-installed). When the battery dies, please install a new one.

Memory Function:

  1. Timer Memory:
    Once in TIMER mode, changing the modes from 1 through 8 will not impact the timing program.
  2. Mode Memory:
    Once the mode is selected, the light will remain in this mode and the next time you turn on the lights there is no need to re-set.

NOTE: All previous settings are deleted when the power supply is disconnected.


  1. Use the MODE/POWER button on the battery box and the remote to change the mode of the fairy lights.
  2. If the lights start going dim, replace the batteries with AA NI-MH or AA NI-CD a more environmentally friendly option.
  3. We recommend that you use the timer function to save energy, extend battery life and to protect the environment.
  4. The operating temperature of the fairy lights is -10°C to 45 °C, humidity: 60-85%. They are recommended mostly for indoor use but can be used outdoors when the temperature is over -10 °C.
  5. Take out the batteries from the positive end in order to extend the spring life.(as picture 9-A)
  6. The battery box has a waterproof pad in the center which allows it used outdoors. If the waterproof pad is flexed, pre- ss it into place manually.(as picture 9-B)
  7. To avoid damage, do not pull on the wires too hard while the product is in use.
  8. Cover the battery box in a plastic bag when using the product outdoors, especially in rainy or wet weather. For best results, we recommend using the product indoors.

Important safety information:

  • Do not immerse the fairy lights in water.
  • Do not mix new and old batteries or mix batteries of different types.
  • Do not subject batteries (new or used) to direct heat or fire. Dispose of old batteries the correct way.
  • Never dismantle the fairy lights on your own.
  • Do not let the fairy lights come into contact with acid, alkali, oil or corrosive liquids.


If you are not going to be using the fairy lights for an extended time period, take out the batteries and tie the fairy lights in a box. Store them in a cool dry place.


Q1: How can I activate the timing function?
Why don’t the lights work after the battery was correctly installed and switch to TIMER ON or TIMER OFF?
A1: Switch to TIMER ON to activate the timing function. The TIMER ON / TIMER OFF can only control the timing function, the factory default mode is Power off, for the first use or after replace the batteries, you need to press the Mode/ Power button to turn on the lights.

Q2: Why is there a loose spring in the battery box?
A2: All fairy lights are tested before we ship them so that customers get the best quality products. We, however, can not guarantee that damage won’t occur during shipment
or from incorrect use. Placing the loose spring back to its original spot should get the lights working again.

Q3: Why don’t the lights come on when I press the Mode/ Power button?

  1. Check the power level of the batteries.
  2. Confirm if the lights went off automatically in TIMER ON mode. If this is the case, this is completely normal. The fairy lights have entered the 18 hour off mode. If you want to turn the lights back on, turn the TIMER OFF and press the MODE/POWER button.

Q4: Why doesn’t the remote work?

  1. Did you remove the protective transparent film? If not, do so.
  2. Is there power in the batteries? If not, replace all batteries with new ones.

Q5: Do the batteries in the fairy lights die quickly? How long do new batteries usually last?
A5: Battery life is dependent on the capacity and quality of the battery. In our tests, 3 AA batteries will give about 120 hours of light in steady ON MODE and 15 - 20 days in TIMER MODE.

Q6: Is the fairy lights bright enough? Why does the lighting look a bit yellow?
A6: Use the remote to adjust the brightness by pressing “DIM-” or “DIM+”. The color temperature is 2700-3000K, which is acceptable to most people.

Source: KooPower Community

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