16 Fun Ways to Use Fairy Lights


Battery operated fairy lights have proved their staying power and the KooPower remote controlled fairy lights is the king of the pack. This outdoor fairy lights always look fabulous dangling over the patio, but I’ve also seen them work wonders in many other scenarios and not just as decor for the patio.
If you’re looking for fun ways to spruce up your outdoors, you are in for a treat! Not only do I have an excellent list of what these battery-operated 

fairy lights can do for your outdoor area, but I’m also going to explain some creative ways to use them in your backyard!

16 Fun Ways to Use Fairy Lights with Remote

1. Garden mirrors
These fantastic pieces of decor add character and can visually expand a small garden. For those with large garden mirrors in their backyard, it’s easy to jazz things up by layering a string of battery operated fairy lights over the side.

2. Alfresco area
If you’re looking for fairy lights for an alfresco dining area, consider skipping the usual outdoor lights and choose KooPower fairy lights for a more romantic effect. The lights will turn your outdoor dining area into a cosy and romantic nook that will take a date night to a whole new level. Run them from one end to another for a more creative touch, and use your remote to dim them or turn them off when things start to heat up.

3. Wall
Bring personality and warmth to any outdoor wall – no matter how boring. Decorate your wall a timeless set of battery operated fairy lights. This will add character to your yard or light up any dark areas.

KooPower outdoor fairy lights with remote control make it easy to turn the lights on and off from the inside of your home. If you have a mural or image on the wall, the light will be a fantastic accent that will bring the painting, mural or image alive!

4. Create space
Sometimes it can be tricky carving out the space of your dreams in your backyard. But with some strategically placed fairy lights, you can easily mark an area out for entertaining or just for relaxation.

5. BBQ area
Summer is on its way, and nicely decorated BBQ areas will make your backyard grilling party so much more awesome! If you’re looking for a more playful approach to add some sparkle to your BBQ area, skip the standard outdoor sconce or pendant options and choose cascading battery operated fairy lights from KooPower for garden furniture.

6. Red bricks
An excellent way to brighten up your brick wall is to add some fairy lights to it. But to stay with the industrial theme of your entire yard, try adding KooPower fairy lights so the dark colour of the strings will contrast and pop against the red bricks

7. Outdoor lounge
There is nothing cosier than lounging on a hot summer night in your backyard. You can turn off the normal lights and switch on the fairy lights. This a contemporary way of relaxing with candlelight. You can get the same level of ambience that’s available in your living room by using outdoor

fairy lights with remote. Place the light on a window and let it swoop down to a corner, behind your sofa. Not too much, not too little!

8. Outdoor patio
This is a typical use case, but I’ll make it more interesting. You can create a unique display of lights around your home and outdoor patio with KooPower

fairy lights. Hang the lights high or wrap them in trees. You don’t want to blast your patio with too much light when the sun goes down, instead create a lovely ceiling of patio lights above for an exciting difference.

9. Apartment window
Okay, so not everyone has a backyard to play with. But that shouldn’t stop you from showing the neighbours just how glitzy you are! If you live in an apartment, string up some lights and place them outside your window in any possible design. If you go for a walk at night, you will be impressed by the effect of your battery operated string lights on your apartment window.

10. Play area
If you have kids in your home, then you probably have a play area outdoors. Bring some magic to playtime by adding fairy light that cascade down the entrance. KooPower’s lights are battery operated and relatively safe for kids.

11. Entryway
A nice way to add some warmth to the entrance of your home from outdoors is to add some fairy lights around to the door. When these lights are switched on at night, they can make a huge difference in how your outdoor looks.

12. Canopy
For events like wedding receptions and birthday parties, you can make your canopies more exciting with KooPower. Give your canopies a magical touch by stringing fairy lights across the beams to produce a dreamy mood that your guests will love.

13. Outdoor ladder
Do you have an old rustic ladder in your backyard and don’t want to throw it away? You can make it part of the backyard furniture by decorating it with some fairy lights. Just string it up with some KooPower fairy lights to make it look like a centrepiece

14. Small outdoor space
If you have a small outdoor space, it can be difficult to decorate it without cluttering up the area. A tasteful string of KooPower lights placed strategically in your backyard can work wonders for your decor.

15. Balconies
Your balcony is effectively an outdoor area so that fairy lights will work here too. If the balcony is small, you can make it comfier by decorating it with some KooPower fairy lights.

16. Gabion Cage
Simple build a gabion cage and fill with empty wine bottles then just draped the lights all around



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