Sutats: Unboxing the KooPower Wireless Doorbell

A closeup look and test of the wireless doorbell with blue LED and assorted melodies which operates on a maintenance-free battery-free remote control.

Reviewed by sutats in London

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The 21st Century has yielded thousands of clever household gadgets but almost all of them suffer from one shared problem – the batteries. Everyone knows the frustration of dead batteries, of not realizing they have died until the gadget fails, not to mention the hassle of tracking down a particular odd small size. We have made life at least a little bit easier with their Wireless Doorbell Kit which needs NO BATTERY for the transmitter!


Battery Free:
Many customers wondering whether KooPower wireless Doorbell works without a battery of any power source even after read 1200+ Positive Reviews

“I still don’t know how the battery-free push button works BUT IT DOES”, by Phantom-FX
“I was sceptical about this not needing a battery but it really doesn’t use one! It works on a dynamo type function.” By James Macduff

The battery-free doorbell kit includes 2 receivers and 1 push button, the push button converts Kinetic Energy into an Electrical Signal, the power is generated from a magnet moving inside a coil. The signal will across amazing 150 meters (40 meters if there are walls), great for commercial space and offices. They also work well for large homes or villas, it can be install with Double-sided Tape or Screws (included).

Total Remote Range = Quantity of Receiver x 500ft
Operating range up to 500ft, KooPower doorbell 2 kit comes with 2 receivers, each receiver will work as a repeater which transfers the signal to extra 500-foot range, and the push button can be paired with unlimited receivers, it means that the door chime will always work wherever you are.

More Features:
• 25 different ring tones with adjustable volume (50-80db)
• Two installation methods for quick mounting
• Transmitter is fully waterproof to withstand the harshest of winters

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