Repurpose Empty Bottles into Sweet Decorations

Bottled goods are a basic commodity in almost every home. They come in every shape, color, and size. But what can you do with them beyond tossing them in the recycle bin? Magically, nearly all of them can be turned into quaint, interesting decorative items for use indoors or outdoors. Let’s try to repurpose the empty bottles rather than throw them away.

With only one piece, you could get an amazingly beautiful item more than you have ever imagined.

Let’s look at it.

The micro fairy lights are an awesome piece to recycle empty bottles, as it is universal for any kind of bottles. The most popular warm white glow creates a fairy and romantic atmosphere, ideal for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, barbecue, Halloween, Christmas, New Year or other occasions that need romantic and dreamy ambience.

Rice-sized fairy LED light beads are attached to the copper wire tightly. And the thin high-quality wire is made of premium pure copper, which is anti-tangle and will not easily break off. It is also flexible and bendable to DIY any shape like heart, circle, triangle, letters and animals. You will find it very interesting and happy to design something by yourself.

Amazingly, the size of cork is universal for most wine bottles, also for most glass, wine, beer, soda, whiskey bottles and any other kind of bottles.

Come and try, let’s become an environmentally responsible global villager and repurpose the empty bottles into lovely handicraft.


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