DIY a Pentagon with Micro Fairy Lights

Sparkling micro fairy lights and lovely pentagon shape easily make a good combination to add a delicate touch to the space. This article brings you an easy guide to a twinkling Pentagon DIY, making your common corner shine with the lights of romantic handicraft to spread cheer and joy. Have a look at it.


What You’ll Need:

  1. Micro Fairy Lights
  2. Sticks
  3. Buck-saw
  4. Strings


Step 1

Find some dry sticks and strings.

Step 2

Use bucksaw to chop them into smaller and shorter ones.

Step 3

Connect and secure each stick firmly in place with a small string to form a pentagon.

Step 4

Wrap the micro light wires around the newly-crafted shape.

Step 5

Once you're pleased with the arrangement of your lights, it's time to turn your lights on to shine. It looks remarkably cheerful at nights.


It's easy to make a lovely DIY with a few simple tips even though you are not a DIY expert or creative crafter. By using flowers and foliage as a decorative feature, your styling will have a fresh look and will look super cute in whatever setting you choose. Add the lovely DIY to your dining room, living room or bedroom, or windows or balcony, creating an exuberant atmosphere as you walk through the space.

Come and try, you will definitely have a beautifully sparkling lovely handicraft.

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