Solar LED Torch Lights - Light up Your Path or Backyard

Tiki Torches can be terrific additions to your yard, but they can also be a fire hazard. Having an open flame that is often unattended, especially at parties where people may be concentrating on drinking rather than fire safety can be problematic. But the look of Tiki torches is so emblematic of partying that lots of people want to have them anyway. That’s where LED Tiki torch lightss come in.

What if you to have all of the advantages of Tiki torches without ever having to worry about fire safety? That’s exactly what flicking solar torch lights give you. LED torch lights mimic Tiki and other types of torch lights to provide you with the flaming torches that your party special without the danger of burning down your house, setting fire to a bare patch in your yard or worrying that someone is going to burn themselves by playing with your torch lights.

There are a number of advantages besides fire safety, including the fact that LED torch lights look almost like the real thing. In fact, from a distance, you will not even be able to tell the difference, and less you know what you’re looking for up close you may still think that you are looking at an open flame inside of these torch containers.

You can use these for just about any kind of decorating that you can imagine or as additional props for a party that you’re planning because they come with a number of accessories that will make it easier for you to place them wherever you need to. For example, they come with ground stakes that you can use, but there can also be mounted inside the house like in a potted plant and even feature on-off buttons so that you do not use up energy when you do not need to. However, since these are solar powered, you will have to charge them first in sunlight and then bring them indoors until the battery runs down.

These LED flame torches feature of flickering flame design that works on solar power. That makes them ideal for being used outdoors, and they come with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that take approximately 6 hours to fully charge so that the lights can work at night. There are safety features to keep them from overcharging, and even on the short days of winter with cloud cover and the long nights, these LED flame torches will be able to stay charged to run throughout the night. That goes the same if you live in an area where the sun is not that plentiful, although it certainly does help to have the sun available to recharge your lights during the day.

From far away, these definitely look like actual flame torches, but even when you get up close it can be difficult to see that they are LEDs. They don’t put off any heat and are perfectly safe, so you don’t have to worry about having actual torches with burning flames at events where kids are present or alcohol is being served. Instead, you can have the very next best thing at such an amazing price that you can get as many of them as you need.

These torches include a .88 watt solar panel along with a lithium-ion battery and an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours. These LED torches are 35 lumens and the package includes two solar torch LED lights, a user manual for each of them, two plastic ground spikes and two long ground stakes.

The way that these solar garden torches work is pretty simple; you plant them along your path or in your garden and they have a solar panel at the very top that is in direct sunlight and collects solar energy. The solar energy is then used to recharge the lithium-ion battery that is inside. This battery will last for hours at full capacity, and it takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to charge completely. The battery does not overcharge, so you don’t have to worry about how full the battery is when you start charging in the sun. The torches do not run during the day. As soon as the sun comes up, the lights turn off automatically and the charging cycle starts. Whether the battery is fully charged or not, when it starts to get dark, the lights will come on automatically and light up your path or backyard.

There are lots of LED lights out there to choose from these days, as they become one of the favorites for home decorating due to their low energy use and wide availability in a variety of lighting styles. However, for those who preferred the dancing open flame as a way to make their backyard or path look unique, these LED torches are pretty amazing. They give off a soft, even light that illuminates your path completely and ensures that you are able to see anyone coming up your walk or out in your backyard. Having lights like these is vital to home security, because you need to be able to see out into your yard, and motion lights do not always work and porch lights can burn out. Plus, if your electricity goes out, you still want to be able to see outside. Having solar lights lining your path or at the edge of your lawn means the you’ll always be able to see out there at night no matter whether you have electricity or not, and you are working with LEDs instead of conventional light bulbs so they are much more reliable.

The bottom line is that when you need torches for your party or backyard, having an open flame can be pretty dangerous. These flickering LED torches provide you with the decor that you want without having to face the safety concerns, and they are reliable and cost-effective way to ensure that your backyard, front yard and path are always illuminated. Plus, you are doing your part for the environment by using solar electricity.

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