Give Your Home That Perfect HALLOWEEN Look This Holiday

The period of constant temperature drop by a few degrees leaves home owners with the decision of making their home décor welcoming for the autumn or resembling a usual spot for ghosts. Whatever the choice, you don’t have to throw your taste in the bin simply because it’s Halloween. I’ll hand you some decorating tips to keep your home well adorned throughout the holiday.

With as few as some black cardboard, a length of string or cord and spider typeface, you can create a spooky spider scene and convert an uncovered area in your ceiling or some other fixtures into a Halloween prop.

If your desire a Halloween setting that depicts warmth, you can place warm white candle or warm white-colored battery string lights in glass cylinders. Use a mirror or a handful of spiders (if you can get them) to form a base for each of the cylinders and line them up at your entrance or on your center table.

If you wish to inculcate the autumn aura in your Halloween décor, simply hang few bunches of desiccated fall-themed flowers from your ceiling. To portray that perfect fall bloom, let them all be at varying heights from the ceiling.

As there is no Halloween without the will o’ the wisp, you cannot be overly creative when it comes to marking those carvings especially when kids are in the picture. Take your time, unleash your creativity and give your Halloween décor the perfect lift.

You can create creepy Halloween shadows on your doors or walls by cutting out and sticking black spiders, witch hats, bats or will o’ the wisp on the exterior of a light fixture. Once the light is turned on, it leaves spooky shadows on the nearest wall.

Pumpkins can serve other purposes in your Halloween decoration besides will o’ the wisp. Try stacking them with watermelons and place a good number of them on your door steps and your living room corners.

You can create some really ‘ew’ settings with the conventional specimen container. Fill the jar with red or green colored water (using food coloring of course), and place a creepy insect or doll head to float on it. You can place them next to coat hangers or your fireplace.

If you want kids to think they just stepped into a witch’s house and not bother about Halloween candies, place a few brooms in creepy positions by your entrance or even tie them together with a black strip and then make some large eyeballs and place them in a big pot. You can place the pots and brooms together or separately but not far from each other.

Halloween is no fun without ghosts. Cut a couple of them from tissue, or a light white cloth and hang them from any tree nearby or your ceiling.

Finally, if you’re not buying into the idea of having ghosts ‘spy’ on you, simply decorate any tree or the base of a lamp stand with warm white battery string lights to make your home fit for the holiday

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