Increasing the volume of your christmas tree with plaited flowers

There’s no crime in having a small and sparse Christmas tree this season but if you think your tree is too scanty with lots of undesirable spaces, and wish it more voluminous, you can increase its size by adding a few strings of garland to it.

An unembellished wreath or a battery christmas lights with remote 1 can help add the volume you require in your tree. The steps below are procedures you can follow while working with a tree of 6.5” tree and a garland of 24”.

Start by first increasing the volume of your wreath and make it lighter. Then detach the top and middle parts of your Christmas tree.

christmas tree string lights

Lighten your first wreath and make sure every of its branches bends to both its interior and exterior sides.

Replace the middle part of your tree once you have successfully placed your fluffed wreath on the tree’s bottom part.

string lights

Fluff the second wreath and then let its branches face its interior side. By doing this, its girth is made smaller to enable it align with the shape of the tree.


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