How to store Christmas Decorations?

One of the most anticipated things about Christmas season are the decorations. Those beautiful twinkling waterproof battery powered light on your fresh/store bought pine trees but definitely not for the person that has the sour job of putting them up, unless by some way they were able to store everything just right last season. Yes, setting up without a plan is a slow rather painful process especially if you are doing it alone. These are some ways you can store your decorations to prevent you from dreading Christmas ever again. It’s a joyful season after all.

Organize Your Ornaments With Divided Boxes

Divided boxes are practically life savers when it comes to organizing ornaments in spite their various designs. First, you wrap up each ornament with tissue paper or a bubble wrap (after having fun with it of course) then, arrange them in the boxes from the least fragile to the most fragile on top of the pile to protect the fragile ornaments from getting damaged.

If you cannot buy these divided boxes for ornaments, you can alternate with wine boxes with dividers and your ornament remains safe and water proof till the next use.

Store Wreaths In Proper Containers

Now, this is not for those that get wreaths from their backyards, you can’t store dead plants no? If you make use of a faux wreath that you would like to hold on to till next season then you have to buy/ get the proper container to store it with. A strong plastic wreath container can take care of that, alternatively you can use a hat box or if you rather prefer to hang it up on your basement wall, be sure to cover it up with a dry and waterproof bag to keep out dust.

Put The Same Items Into One Box

It’s just plain wrong to jumble your decorations together in one large box in a bid to conserve your space and time, believe me you’ll understand when you want to unpack them. The best way to make sure you don’t end up jumbling and destroying some of the delicate items is to put every item that is alike in one box. Don’t mix them all up.

Also, if you have a special display or festival the decorations should all be in one area so you can pick them out easily from the others.

Do Not Throw Out Original Boxes

New things are exciting to unwrap, so much you don’t care where you throw the box. Your Christmas decorations are not made with boxes you throw away, a good reason being that those packs they came in were specifically made for each and if there’s a box that can preserve them adequately it’s the originals. So, try as much as possible to preserve them after you unpack and you never have to worry if a particular decoration will fit into a box or not or that it might get damaged when you hurl it from the house to the garage.

Carefully Loop Garlands And Lights Before Storage

Those waterproof battery powered light can frustrate a saint if they become tangled. Most of the issues with decorations begin with these lights. To avoid this trouble, all you need is a specialty tree (you can use a coffee can too) or your arm, simple really. When you’re taking the lights down, coil or loop them around the specialty tree or your arm then carefully secure them with a twist.

However, with a garland you would need a bigger reel to wrap it around, if you still have to use your hand, tie it off and place it in a container that has a circular middle like a bin or simply hang it from a big hook.

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