How to Make DIY String Light Decorations

String lights is great decorative items that can really add to the atmosphere of your room or home. They can soften the ambiance of a room, highlight certain features, or add a magical touch to an otherwise normal space. Read this article on and explore the 5 ways to make DIY decorations.


1. Make a wine bottle string light lamp.

A beautiful wine bottle string light lamp can be made by putting the loose end of your lights into the bottle until it is full. Keep the plug on the outside of the bottle so you can plug it in when you're finished.

You can create different colors in your bottles by mixing different colored lights to the bottle. You can also add tissue paper or a transparent, glossy kind of wrapping paper to the bottles to create this effect.

Short string lights with battery packs are excellent for making this kind of craft.


2. Cover branches or twigs in string lights.

Branches or twigs is easy to get as when you take a walk, you can meet them.

Bring some home and clean them lightly with a damp rag.

Wrap the branch in string lights to create a natural, unique, and inexpensive home string light decoration.

Put the branch up in a corner, in a coat rack, in a large vase, or so on.


3. Make small shades for string lights.

Paper cups with theme designs on them are perfect for making string light lamp shades.

Use a utility knife to cut a small X into the bottom of the cup. Push the light through the X-slit to attach the paper cup shade in place.

LED lights should be used for this design. Incandescent string lights may generate enough heat to catch paper on fire.

You can further dress up your cups by gluing paper with interesting designs to the outside of the cups.


4. Craft a light buddy from a milk jug.

This is a great craft for kids.

Take a clean, empty milk jug and use markers to draw a face onto the front of the jug.

Feel free to add more features to your light buddy, like string for hair at the top of the jug, buttons for eyes, and so on.

Then insert string lights into the jug. Be sure to leave the plug end accessible. Most special features can be added to your light buddy with hot glue.


5. Create DIY flower lights.

Use scissors to cut cupcake wrappers in the shape of simple flower petals.

Flatten the wrapper and use a pencil to trace a flower petal design.

Use a utility knife to cut a small X in the center of the petal design.Gently Insert a light into each X-shaped slit in the center of your cupcake wrapper petal design.

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