Create a Sweet Spring

With the warmer weather and lighter days, it is really a good time to change festive style and make a refreshingly different home. Create some sweet springtime scenes with various lighting items to cherish every good moment.

  1. Decorate an Energetic Garden

After a long cold winter, your garden must be a little boring and bleak. Why not use some string lights to make it looks lovely and joyful in beautiful springtime. A gently twinkling light strung between trees or lining the walls of an outdoor courtyard will bring a touch of happiness. Throw open your windows and let the outside in: adorn rooms with houseplants and trailing vines, dot micro fairy lights and battery powered candles here and there. Have a green garden and say goodbye to the snow, and the cold, and the long, dark nights, and to welcome back the sun.

  1. Make an Outdoor Picnic

Greeting the sun is cheerful. Get outside with your family or friends on a good day. You can bring a blanket, some fruits like strawberries or oranges, some drinks like tea or coffee and some biscuits. Make an afternoon of it, stretching lunch out for as long as possible whilst you shut away the outside world and take the time to slow down, switch off, and relax. Add outdoor candles and string upon string of fairy lights as the evening draws in, pour yourself a glass of something fizzy, and enjoy the return of the sun after so many months being cooped up indoors.

  1. Create a Cheerful Doorway

A sweet doorway makes every home-leaving and home-arriving becomes hopeful. Adding a springtime flower wreath to your front door will bring a touch of cheer; then dress your porch or entranceway with outdoor lanterns and battery powered candles. Place green plants with bright flowers besides the door. All these small tips help you create a cheerful doorway and make you cherish every ordinary day.

Spring is a cheerful season for us to discover artistic passion and inspiration through homes and gardens. We believe that KooPower meticulously designed lighting piece will help you enjoy an exuberant spring of peace and tranquility.

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