How to Make a Sparkling Garland in 5 Minutes

Do you want to have the absolute cutest fairy light garland? This article will share some tips with you. It’s a super easy 5-minute project and it makes a gorgeous garland. Read on and try it.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Sticks
  2. Hot-glue gun
  3. Dried Flowers
  4. Micro Fairy Lights

This fairy light garland is super simple to make in only five minutes using string lights and any stick. Add a gorgeous glow to any space in your home or use these as creative decorative pieces for your wedding or other special event.

Step 1

Prepare the material.

Step 2

Lay down the sticks in a garland shape.

Step 3

Connect and secure each stick firmly in place with hot-glue gun.

Step 4

Wrap the micro light wires around the newly-crafted garland.

Step 5

Stick some flowers.

Step 6

Once you're pleased with the arrangement of your lights and flowers, it's time to turn your lights on to shine. It looks remarkably cheerful at nights.

Seriously, this is so, so easy. You really need zero DIY skills and only about 5 minutes!

Come and try, such a small shining garland not only add ambience and romance to the night and it also look lovely even in daylight.

Tip: There are however, a few quick things to consider when buying your fairy lights. (They are basically teeny tiny lights that are attached to a long thing wire.  Not the kind you would put on a Christmas tree; literally these just look like a long piece of wire but they light up.) The fairy lights that are battery powered is recommended. You can also buy fairy lights that come with a remote control.


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