DIY A Sparkling Ball of String and Fairy Lights

Can you imagine that with brown strings and micro fairy lights, you can create an enchanted and unique sparkling ball? Elegant appearance makes it look so amazing at night. Read on and follow the steps, you will definitely get a stunning decorative item in moments.

Things You'll Need:

  1. Brown string
  2. Micro Fairy lights
  3. Balloon
  4. Glue

Step 1

Inflate the balloon with the pump.

Step 2

Stir the brown string into the glue box to make it becomes sticky.

Step 3

Stick the string onto the balloon.

Step 4

Prick the balloon and take it out.

Step 5

Pop the micro fair lights into the string ball.


Step 6 

Turn on the light to shine.

With several steps, you get an amazing twinkling ball. So pretty, right? It’s perfect for accessorizing the living room or just place it on the bedsides table. And this easy to do DIY is a fun way to spend your time whilst you're at home. Prepare the materials and try. You will get great pleasure from these simple but pleasant DIY projects.

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