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The Magic of Light

Beautiful set of electric fairy lights. Could be used in any room. I’ve displayed mine on my kitchen dresser. Love the remote control. Website was easy to use. Great service and delivery. Definitely Five Stars

Great in small to medium size bottles

This made a lovely feature of some pretty bottles. I’m not sure how long the battery lasts as I’ve not used them yet a great deal yet, saving them for a garden party!

Nice product but careful how you use it

These add ambience to any social occasion and are not a once only use. My only advice is that if you are going to stick them in a cleaned out wine bottle, choose the tall upright bottles of any colour that DO dry out inside and not those fancy Portuguese pear shaped bottles that seem to retain a damp micro climate all of their own.


Very simple review: they are awesome! Do exactly what they say they do. Very bright, very simple and very effective... you could put these in some really interesting bottles..only small issue is the corks are a little on the small side for Gin bottles but a rubber band fixed that

Love lights!

I love these cork lights. Transform your drinking leftovers and make you feel like a proper do-it-yourselfer. Perfect as centre pieces and for bbqs

KooPower Solar 96-LED Flickering Torch Lights ( 2 Pack )
I LOVE these lights!

We were driving home from the airport late at night and saw these in a neighbors yard. We had to have them for our backyard. We found these on Google and started with 4. We loved them so much that we bought 8 more! We have them around the backyard and on the walkway in our front yard. They are bright and beautiful! I can't say enough about how much I love these lights!

KooPower Solar 96-LED Flickering Torch Lights ( 2 Pack )
Better than using Tiki fuel torches.

The effect is mesmerizing. Our neighbors enjoy them as much as we do.We have them mounted on the fence entrance to the back yard.

KooPower Solar 96-LED Flickering Torch Lights ( 2 Pack )
The best thing ever.

I love this product. They are the talk of my parties at night. Best thing I ever bought for my back yard

Quality lights

These are absolutely fab! Didnt expect them to be as bright as they are. Bargain for the set of 6 :)

KooPower 9 Battery-powered Flickering LED Tealights
Set of 9 Flickering LED Tealight Candles

I bought these candles for my kitchen and they look very realistic in my small lanten and jam jars.They have 2 settings a slow flicker and a faster one. The remote contoll is very handy with it's light settings and timer over all a very good product for the price would recommend.

Excellent quality

I could not believe how lovely this Christmas tree is. Top quality! We used the lights included in the package but we also added extra brighter lights as the ones provided were not very bright and did not cover all of the tree. I would highly recommend this to everyone!!!

Great value great price!

I bought these for Christmas lights and used them in my room after! I’ve had them almost a month and I’ve just changed the batteries! I’ve had them on constantly and the battery timer is amazing. Great to add a cozy atmosphere to any room

Christmas tree

A lovely tree, definitely recommend easy to put up plus you get some lights too !

Good quality for the price

Really like it, looks really good with the decs on. See photograph

worth the prices

Nice and big enough Christmas tree with light. Only problem is the light looks too less than my except. I like the metal base , better than others plastic base. We can use for several years maybe.

Beautiful real looking tree!!

Because we have a puppy wanted a non real tree , but everyone thought it was real .Came with a set of lights too!!

Very warn lights, with a timer, perfect

This the second lights I bought and love it a lot, especially it has a timer, so if I am out tge lights turn on. They are lovely too

These look great and are well made!

Exceeded my expectations. Look great, easy to use and very reasonably priced!

Very Good Quality XMAS tree.

Fast delivery. Good quality product. I expected the tree to be pre-lit and 100 string led's but that was me mis-reading the advert. Very sturdy.

wonderful tree.

This tree arrived within 3 days which was excellent at this time of year. Easy to assemble and excellent value for money.I am so happy with this tree and it has been greatly admired.Highly recommend both seller and of course the wonderful tree.

Excellent tree

So, so happy with this tree. Much prefer it to a real one which we usually get. Couldn't be happier with it.

Beautiful full tree.

I got this last year as a Christmas present for my sister who just moved house at the time. It is still perfect this year and none of the branches have fallen off or bent, they’re strong enough to hold many things and the tree looks beautiful.I would highly recommend this purchase to anyone.

Every Penny Worth

Looks like exactly on the pictures of listing. I love it. It’s a tall, thick and bulky tree. It’s pretty good in the artifical family.