"If you cannot install wiring to deploy a traditional doorbell or are not satisfied with your existing doorbell, then you can go ahead and acquire this product without any hesitation." - by Techno FAQ

"I absolutely love this wireless doorbell from KooPower.  It amazes me how it works, such a simple idea and could change the way we look at traditional doorbells." - by My Helpful Hints

"Easy to setup. A stylish design, well put together and a wide range of tunes to choose from. Can’t go wrong really. Top stuff" - by CoolSmartphone

"You also get something that is easy to install, low in price, and multiple music chimes and volume levels, making the KooPower Wireless Doorbell the best choice all around." - by Tricksmommy

The KooPower wireless doorbell is a brilliant innovative quality piece of kit. The fact that you can place two receivers in different parts of your home means that you will never miss that important caller or that parcel you have been waiting for. DIYDaddyBlog