Doorbells are something that homes have had for decades to let you know about any visitors at your door without the need for them to bang on the door; however, doorbells can be a bit jarring when you don't have the ability to adjust the volume or the sounds. While technology continues to advance in every way, technology surrounding doorbells also have and, now with this Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit, you can be in total control over the way your doorbell functions.

The Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit is the best wireless doorbell for those who want to be in charge of the way they are alerted to guests. This doorbell chime kit allows you to choose between 25 pleasing melodies that will sound when a guest presses the sleek, modern button outside. The sound of these melodies can also be adjusted to your liking between 50 to 80 decibels, ensuring that every ring of the doorbell will more pleasantly notify you of a guest at the door.

This Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit has a range of 40 meters if it has to transmit between walls but a range of 150 meters if it is in an open area, making it the best wireless doorbell for homes or buildings of any size. The waterproof doorbell kit will never need batteries to run, thanks to the micro generators inside that allow the doorbells to power themselves. The kit comes with two receivers, a doorbell and the fittings you need to make this wireless installation go smoothly.

Bring the look and functionality of your doorbell into the modern age with the Wireless Doorbell Chime Kit. Order the kit today.