KooPower Battery-Free Wireless Doorbell Review: A True Fit-n-Forget Device


Electronics have come a long way, especially home appliances, like TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. But the humble doorbell has had the same design for over a very long time. Some doorbells got additional features like on-demand voice and CCTV interaction with the visitor, but the core electrical design remained the same. Wireless doorbells, however, changed this design as the doorbell switch can no longer be a part of the electrical circuit. The switch is now a battery-powered transmitter that sends a signal pulse over RF (radio-frequency) or IR (infra-red) spectrum which is received by the bell powered by another battery or AC power mains. However, KooPower has taken the design one step further by making the switch battery-less. The switch is now powered using a tiny piezoelectric generator (similar to push-button gas lighters). This generator converts the mechanical energy of a person pressing the switch button to electrical energy to power the RF transmitter in order to send the pulse.

In other words, while wireless doorbells have given us the convenience of not needing add writing to install them, KooPower’s version of the wireless doorbell takes this convenience ahead by not requiring to buy, insert or replace batteries for the doorbell switch.

KooPower has sent us one unit for review. We thank them heartily for choosing Techno FAQ and our readers for this opportunity. Today, we will unbox, install, test and demonstrate the KooPower Battery-Free Wireless Doorbell and tell you what we think about the product. So read on to know more.


The KooPower Battery-Free Wireless Doorbell Kit comes in a small light-brown coloured box with a white sleeve having printed illustrations.


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