How to Hang String Lights along a Fence

Do you want to make your backyard more romantic and cheerful? Hanging string lights along a fence is a great choice as it not only provides ample backyard lighting at nighttime but also adds happy and warm ambiance. Read and try, you will enjoy a nice summer evening by sitting beneath the glow of your own hanging lights.

Things you’ll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Cup Hooks
  • Tape Measure
  1. Measure the length of the fence and match it with proper string lights. This will give you an idea of light string length you need and how many hooks you will need to install.
  1. Lay your string lights out along the fence and mark with a pencil or tape where you want to hang them. Leave a little bit of slack so that the lights can hang and move a little bit. Check for an external outlet or decide where you will keep your extension cord as a power source for your lights.
  1. Attach cup hooks where you marked. Take your cup hooks and punch them into the places you marked. These hooks will hold your string lights so you need to be sure that you secure them firmly.
  1. Hang the lights on the hooks. Simply hang the string lights on the hook. Remember to make sure the lights are not plugged in while you attach them.

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