Decoration Ideas for Christmas

1. Let Your Love For Sweet Food Take The Lead

Enjoying the pleasures that the small things of life afford us is common when the economy isn’t so good. If you’re a lover of sweet foods, you can satisfy your craving and still give your home that perfect holiday look with those tiny objects of your love. Do well to gratify your desire for a perfect Christmas with some sweets. Grace your Christmas tree with candies of different types especially ribbon candy – which can be very fanciful. You can add other confections to your tree or place them in transparent glass jars to make your decoration really colorful.

2. Flowers Are Flawless

Nothing gives your Christmas tree as much color and fragrance as flowers. You can hang wreaths of dried flowers all over your tree to lift the texture of your conventional Christmas tree decorations. But be careful not to overdo it so you don’t leave your tree looking like a dead flower forest.

You can consult your florist to ascertain the right combination that fits your pocket size and matches the colors you’re working with. They may suggest you go for fresh flowers as most flower types may lose their beauty when they are shrunk up. If you happen to go for fresh flowers, bear it in mind that they do not last as long as dried ones do. You might have to put them up right before your party or on Christmas morning.

3. Play Around With Christmas Cards

With the speed of technological advancement and the reduction in the rate of use of paper, treasures like Christmas cards are becoming really rare and yet remain a valued tradition to a whole lot of people. Every holiday-loving person would cherish the idea of receiving a handwritten note embedded in a colorful card from a loved one.

Make Christmas unforgettable by tying a few colorful cards together and adorning your tree, window, mantle or even the handrails of your staircase with them. You can simply display them on strategic places like shelf tops and end tables in your home.

4. Don’t Bore The Life Out Of Christmas

Maybe it’s time to do away with the tradition of having only red and green colors in your Christmas decorations. I can assure you that your home would not only look perfect for the holiday but would look fresh and modern as well when you include extra colors in your decoration. There are countless colors that go well with the spirit of the holiday if you can open your heart to them. You can have a great combination like purple and raspberry or brown and sage along with your conventional colors.

But if you are not comfortable with popping colors around, simply combine your traditional colors with one other color and give your home the holiday glow it deserves.

5. Create The Illusion Of A White Christmas

Your Christmas tree and home can still look perfect for the holidays even without colors. Do away with the reds and greens and give more attention to white, crystal and metallic shades. You can gather branches from your yard and spray paint them silver. If you’re willing and financially up to the task, you can spray paint your entire Christmas tree silver. Decorate it with white or glass adornments and if you feel like adding some more color, let them be very light shades of blue.

6. Beautify Evergreen Plants

The presence of evergreen plants on the list of Christmas decoration elements is indicative of the promise of salvation to mankind by the birth of Jesus Christ. Evergreen plants like pine, hemlock, live oak, holly and cycads are symbols of the everlasting life Christ has brought to man and they also carry the Christmas atmosphere along with them to your home.

The Christmas tree is always the major juncture of all Christmas decorations and should be well adorn because it is the first thing that would catch the eyes of your guests. Wrap your Christmas tree with lengthy indoor string lights of any color to give your home the perfect glow for chilly winter nights. Next to the lights, you can place adornments of religious meanings. You can use angels to symbolize the angels that led the villagers to where Christ was born; a large star at the top to symbolize the star that directed the wise men from the East to Bethlehem; animals to symbolize the animals that were kept in Christ’s manger and peppermint stick to symbolize the shepherds’ staff.

Touch up parts of your home other than the Christmas tree with some Christmas decorations too. You can hang up a garland made from evergreen plants on your front door and decorate them with red bows or flowers. Your mantles and banisters can also be carefully adorned with green and red garlands too.

7. Use A Combination Of Light Shades Of Colors

Substituting the conventional Christmas colors of red and green with other soft colors gives your home a warm Christmas aura. Colors like mauve and blue would serve well. Simply choose any of them and complement it with silver, gold and white.

White or soft colored lights give Christmas trees their deserved sparkle, so you can coil Christmas lights around every branch of your Christmas tree to give it that sparkle. Hang lacey, feathery and crystal decorations to your tree with white or clear wire. Let silver colored decorations dangle from your tree on different spots and then adorn a few places on the tree with wreaths made from silver or silver ribbons. A large star or angel will finish up the perfection for your tree.

You can cover the bottom of your tree with a tree skirt of silver or white color and do well to wrap your presents in shiny wrappers too.

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