5 Creative Ways to Make a Unique Christmas Tree

Christmas season is approaching. Have you got the most traditional holiday symbol—the Christmas tree. This article introduces some new and creative ways to help you make a unique Christmas tree. Try and say goodbye to putting up a faux tree.


Benefits of DIY Christmas Tree

  • Using recycled materials to create a unique tree can be eco-friendly, saving a live tree from being cut down.
  • No need to deal with the pine needles that can constantly fall on the floor. No watering is necessary.
  • Alternative trees can help you save space, time, and money.


1. Branches + Fairy Lights (A Christmas Tree on the Wall)

Natural tree branches, fairy lights and whimsical ornaments in a soft color palette make a magical Christmas tree hung on the wall. Compared with traditional trees, it is an amazing space saver—you’ll be free from constantly running into a tree set up in the middle of a room. Pieces of twine bring it all together, creating a one-piece wall hanging.


2. A Stack of Book + Fairy Lights

Stack some of your favorite tomes in varying sizes to make a tree shape. Place them on top of a galvanized metal bucket to give it a base, and finish with a string of fairy lights and a star. Similarly-hued books create a cohesive effect. This tree is tailor-made for all those literature lovers out there, or those who have extensive collections of vintage books.


 3. A Photo Collage + Fairy Lights

Tack up any beloved photos to form a tree shape—family photos, wintry vacation photos, photos in tree-like greens. A sequence of photos representing a pine tree from a single photo is also recommended. Photos can be an almost-effortless, modern way to display a Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless.


4. A Ladder + Fairy Lights

If you have a ladder that’s on the small side, drape it in lights, mini keepsakes, ornaments and a modern star, you will definitely have a lovely tree. The shape of a ladder just lends itself to being decorated as a tree.


5. Seasonal Greenery + Fairy Lights

Simply collect a grouping of seasonal branches (boxwood branches or pine boughs work well) and hang them on your wall, using clear, removable tape or white twine to string them together. An alternative tree never looked so simple and pretty.


DIY an alternative tree is to exercise creativity, to try out a new twist on a holiday standard. Sure, there’s something that’s so lovely about a big, green pine decorated in its festive glory. But it’s also refreshing to see people who think outside the box to start fresh, never-before-seen traditions of their own.

If you’d love to give an alternative tree a whirl this Christmas, keep these inventive ideas in mind and have a try.

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