10 Home Decor Tips for New Homes

Designing a new home can be quite tricky, especially if you’ve just shifted, it can be daunting to even know where to place the furniture correctly or which color looks best on which room. The right color scheme or fixtures can instantly brighten up any space, and give it a warm and welcoming feeling. Instead of spending tons of money on interior designers, you too can do exactly what they do with a little skill and knowledge. if you’re looking for such skills, to be able to transform your home, then read through to learn more as we jot down every little tips and trick that you require to design your home just the way you desire.


  1. Make a small room seem bigger- A smaller room might not seem as spacious or comfortable if not decorated the right way. However, if you know how to utilize the different ideas for optical illusion, then any small room or corner can be made to look spacious. There are many ways to do this. One quick way to make any room appear larger is by using mirrors on different angles. The use of many mirrors help to reflect light in any direction, and this, in turn, creates the illusion of a bigger space and making the small room look way bigger than it actually is. Besides that, the larger mirror helps to reflect the room and its objects, which creates an optical illusion of a larger room.
  2. Paint in a bright colors-Another way is to paint a small room in lighter colors so it makes it brighter and looks more spacious. Colors such as whites, soft beiges, light yellows, and icy blues always make space look bigger and brighter because white and bright colors tend to reflect natural lights and lights in general. In contrast, any dark color, such as greys, browns or deep purples will only absorb all the light and will make a room appear dimmer and smaller than it actually is. So stay away from dark colors if you want to have a bigger space.
  3. Add some personal touch- No matter what room you choose to design, it is always nice to decorate it in a way that shows a part of you within. A personal touch can be as simple as an old family furniture or an old showpiece, which shows specifically what you like and your taste. Furthermore, the kind of colors you choose for your walls and furniture, to the kind of paintings and drapes also reflect a lot about your personality. Besides that, old furniture and items add a vintage touch to your home.
  4. Use plants as decoration pieces- instead of buying expensive showpieces, you can always choose to purchase plants and decorate almost every corner of your home. Besides being inexpensive, it also adds a bit of green and makes your home look at one with nature. And one shouldn’t forget the benefit of having plants around the house since it purifies the air and also controls humidity levels.

Now that you have a basic idea of how to decorate your homes, there are some specific tips when it comes to decorating a girl’s or boy’s room. These are discussed as follows:

Ideas for Girl’s Room:

  1. Floral items-When decorating a girl’s room, it can be especially tricky because girls are very choosy. However, almost all girls like floral items and so having anything with floral patterns, such as bedspreads, wallpapers, paintings, accent pieces, or simply wall decorations. A simple floral item will definitely be a girl’s favorite item and add the perfect feminine touch to the room.
  2. Colorful string lights– star-shaped string lights of simple colors or sometimes different colors can be added to a girl’s room as a part of the decoration. While it provides some light to the room, it also adds a feminine touch and will surely be loved by any girl.
  3. Decorative wall hooks- Whether your daughter likes to wear jewelry or play sports, they will definitely appreciate some cute looking wall-hooks. These aren’t just handy to keep her string of beads, but can also ensure she has a place to keep her important set of keys or other stuff that tend to get out of sight. Instead of randomly placing them all over the room, make sure where your daughter would love them and how high up would be comfortable for her to reach.
  4. Anything glittery- Glitter is another item that a girl absolutely adores. Be it a glitter penholder, picture frame, clock, or flower vase, a girl will always love sparkly and glittery items in her room. Not only are they interesting to look at, but these sparkly pieces also look absolutely amazing in colors such as golden, silver, and bright and bold pinks, blues and purples. Besides looking amazing, these glitter pieces will also inspire a lot of creative ideas

Ideas for Boy’s Room:

  1. Creative posters- while we say that girls are very creative, boys can be creative too, and instead of paintings, it is more appropriate to have wall posters in a boy’s room. These may range from his favorite rock bands to his favorite sports team or players. But whatever the theme, a boy will definitely like to have a piece of something that he’s passionate about.
  2. A shelf- Let your son keep all his important stuff racked up on his shelf. Be it his favorite action figures, or his stack of comic books, or baseball caps and gloves, all his important stuff can now be kept in one place.
  3. Space for musical instruments- having a separate space in his room, with stands for his favorite guitar or any other instrument, will allow him to get in touch with his creative side whenever he pleases. Also, you wouldn’t really need to worry about the noise during his practice sessions if his room is muffled well.

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